Worried about security?

Your First Name (or Alt First Name) and Last Name should match the information that you use when making purchases with PayPal. If you use a middle name or names, please include all names before the Last Name in the First Name field. [Note: all languages are supported. If you use Chinese, Japanese, or Cyrillic characters for PayPal, please also use them here.]

If you sometimes use an alternate version of your first name (e.g. Tom, Thomas), include the alternate below (not required).

Please input your primary Email address below. It's best if this is the same address you use when buying software licenses, but it's okay if that address is different. If you change this address, a link will be sent to the new address for verification, and a notice of the change will be sent to the old address.

NOTICE: Email addresses hosted by Apple (such as @mac.com and @me.com) do not work with this system for some reason. Until a solution is found to solve this problem, please use a different email address.