PDF Bookmaker 0.0

On-Demand Prepress for Mac and Windows

PDF Bookmaker, for Mac and Windows, is a professional solution for preparing your book for the on-demand print industry. With PDF Bookmaker, you can easily organize and combine any number of PDF files, add page numbers to page corners or centers, hide and show added page numbers as needed, add custom watermarks, and export your book as a single document in the format required by on-demand printers: PDFX-1a.

Whatever you need to prepare for printing — from novels to music scores, and anything in between — we think you'll love PDF Bookmaker, and we promise responsive support.


PDF Title, Author, Subject, and Producer (publisher) metadata for your final document are found on the Details page, along with some document statistics for your project. A detailed project manifest is also available for export.

Front Matter

The Front Matter is normally numbered with Roman numerals, many of which need to be hidden. Page numbers shown in parentheses have been hidden for this project by the user.


The Body or main content of your book is numbered with Arabic numerals, positioned as you choose. Some page numbers in the Body need to be either hidden or forced to the bottom of the page. The latter choice is denoted by numbers in angle brackets.

Back Matter

Your project may have optional content such as a glossary and index, which are in the Back Matter, numbered with Arabic numerals.

Page Numbering

PDF Bookmaker provides a simple interface for choosing the font, size, style, and placement of the page numbers for your book, both in Roman numerals for the Front Matter, and Arabic numerals for the Body and Back Matter. An option to use Arabic numerals throughout is also available.


Mark different versions of your project or remind your readers of your copyright with a digital watermark. The watermark can be text of your choosing, or a custom image, visible only in print, or visible both on screen and in print.


Documentation is comprehensive, clear and concise, with plenty of screenshots, showing you how to use the software and get the results you are looking for. Notes on handling a Table of Contents and Index are included in an Appendix.


Bug Reports & Feature Requests

PDF Bookmaker is updated in response to feedback from its users. To file bug reports and feature requests, you must first open a user account and purchase a license. Once registered, you can participate and see the PDF Bookmaker development process in action on the PDF Bookmaker Reports Page.

Latest Version Details

PDF Bookmaker — Version 1.4.9 · July 25, 2017

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PDF Bookmaker 0.0


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