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Track Snippets for Mac and Windows

Online retailers like iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and others give visitors a chance to hear short previews (snippets) of audio tracks before buying an album or audiobook. Track Snippets lets you create these previews from your audio tracks, fast. It imports a wide variety of audio formats, gives you exactly and only the tools you need to prepare your snippets, and exports .wav, .mp3 (in a wide range of bit rates), .ogg, and the iPhone ringtone format, .m4r. Tedious work that would normally take hours with conventional DAW software can be pleasantly done in a matter of minutes with Track Snippets.

We think you'll love Track Snippets, and we promise responsive support.

Import Tracks

Import virtually any audio format, select default settings, and quickly preview all your snippets.

Fast Editing

Use the mouse, trackpad, or keyboard to customize each snippet position, length, fade-in length, and fade-out length.


Add text notes to your tracks, or enter values as numbers when you want more precision.


A quick reference page of mouse / trackpad actions and keyboard shortcuts is included for Mac OSX and Windows, to show you how to get results fast.


Documentation is clear and concise, with separate versions tailored for Mac OSX and Windows users.


Bug Reports & Feature Requests

Track Snippets is updated in response to feedback from its users. To file bug reports and feature requests, you must first open a user account and purchase a license. Once registered, you can participate and see the Track Snippets development process in action on the Track Snippets Reports Page.

Latest Version Details

Track Snippets — Version 1.0.4 · December 23, 2016

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Track Snippets 0.0

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