Personal Group Emailer 0.0

Easy Mailing Lists for Mac and Windows

Personal Group Emailer™ (PGE), for Mac and Windows, is for anyone who wants to send personalized messages to more than one person without having to manually type a different message for every person and send every email by hand, and without having to use complicated and costly online subscription services. You pay only once for PGE, with no monthly fees and no hidden costs.

PGE's easy-to-use plaintext and HTML editors let you create and preview great looking emails in a snap. Every recipient in the group receives a private message, sent personally to that recipient. No other recipient email addresses are included in the email, and CC and BCC are not used. Everything is kept personal, private, secure, and anti-spam.

Whether you need to send your email to ten people or a thousand, with or without attachments, in plaintext or in HTML, we think you'll love Personal Group Emailer, and we promise responsive support.


Build your plaintext message using your own customized library of Greetings, Message Bodies, Closings, Signatures, Mottos, and Unsubscribe Policies. Personalize every message with the recipient's name, home or work address, email, and even birthday, and embed other dynamically linked text from your structured signatures. Include any number of attachments, up to 20MB. Preview with one click.


Add an HTML version of your message with attractive formatting, fonts, colors, graphics and images, perfect for any kind of creative promotion or marketing. Customize our HTML Templates and add your own to build attractive, professional messages with style. Embed your plaintext message body within your HTML email, with formatting. Preview in real time as you edit the HTML, in the preview pane or full page popout window.


Store multiple SMTP identities and test recipient emails, anticipating server sending behaviors and respecting anti-spam constraints. PGE works with username and password authentication, as well as Secure Sockets Layer, in full compliance with regulations authority standards.


Extract groups from Apple's Contacts™ (or Address Book) and import other recipients from .csv, .tsv, and .txt files from any source. Organize your recipients, fill your message queue, and sit back and let PGE fire off a few emails, or a few thousand emails for you.


A session log containing message details and a list of timestamped recipients is created every time you send a group email. You can easily view log details, send any part of a previous message to a currently open file, open a log as a new file, or export recipient lists as .csv and .tsv files.


Documentation is comprehensive, clear and concise, with plenty of screenshots, showing you how to use the software and get the results you are looking for. A brief tutorial for anyone who wants to learn about HTML and CSS coding is included in an Appendix.

Bug Reports & Feature Requests

Personal Group Emailer is updated in response to feedback from its users. To file bug reports and feature requests, you must first open a user account and purchase a license. Once registered, you can participate and see the Personal Group Emailer development process in action on the Personal Group Emailer Reports Page.

Latest Version Details

Personal Group Emailer — Version 1.8.20 · November 30, 2015

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Personal Group Emailer 0.0


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